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The music curriculum provides every student with opportunities to experience listening to, performing and composing music. Music is often explored in conjunction with movement through dance. Students use a variety of means to create and record their work, including all manner of percussive, wind and stringed instruments. In addition, much use is made of ICT and specialist electronic equipment. This is particularly beneficial where use of conventional sound sources by the students proves inappropriate. A wide range of musical styles are explored, including folk traditions, rock ‘n’ roll, Caribbean and Far Eastern music. Music plays an integral part in the wider life of Ravenscliffe School, featuring regularly in school assemblies and often acting as a catalyst for other learning whilst helping students recognise key times in the day and identify subject areas and locations. Frequent visits by practising musicians provide concerts and workshops, complementary to the many opportunities for musical performance both within and outside of school. Opportunities exist for students to work collaboratively with students from other schools on joint projects.