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COVID-19 Letter 13 - 08.07.20

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8 July 2020

Parent Covid letter 14

Dear Parents and Carers

As the summer term begins to draw towards an end, I wanted to share some final plans as we move towards the next stage of our ‘Recovery from Lockdown’.

You will already have heard from Chris Lingard, (my successor at Ravenscliffe from 1 September), in her letter sent out by email on Monday 6 July.  I wanted to write as well and frame some of my final thoughts before the start of the school Summer break.

It is my strongly held opinion that our existing parental community have dealt with this unprecedented  world wide situation, exceptionally well!  I know that many of you are now entering your 15th, 16th or 17th week of personal Family Lockdown. I don’t underestimate the challenges that this has caused you.

I hope you have all felt supported and encouraged during this long period of lockdown either through our in school or out of school offer, the weekly pastoral contact from all of our teaching staff, Zoom and video messages, meetings and all the regular door step visits that so many of our staff have committed to. Additionally, we have tried to support many of you through our ‘Stay Connected’ cycle and swimming offers for those families based in both our sites, especially who have been officially shielding.

Some of the things you and your families have managed to achieve in this difficult time have been amazing. Please accept the compliment!

As this letter is also going to our new intake of Year 7 students in September 2020 I wanted to officially welcome them into the Ravenscliffe community. I’m just sorry that I won’t actually be part of your child’s journey though Ravenscliffe.  I want to congratulate all 42 of these new students and their families too, for the way they have also negotiated this unforeseen world pandemic.

We know many of  our new families have already connected with us via our newly revised year 6 transition offer and that many of you have recently re-visited Ravenscliffe as a family. It is clear that you have all enjoyed that experience and that you already feel connected. We have enjoyed meeting up with you too.  Despite the uncertain times, we hope you and your children are excited by the potential of Ravenscliffe. I know I can say with all sincerity that our staff team are committed to making your child’s time in the school as positive and rewarding as possible.

Whilst Covid 19 will continue to challenge the school into the autumn of 2020 and quite possibly well into 2021, we hope that the excitement of going to secondary school will be a regular discussion point in your households over the summer break. Welcome to Ravenscliffe all of you! We really hope your child will flourish within our community.

We want to stay connected with our families within some reasonable boundaries, in the build up to the September restart.

We are very aware that all our teaching staff and many of other staff across all designations also need to have ‘a breather’. Many have worked flat out over the last 3+ months to give a unique Ravenscliffe offer during this pandemic. They and their families need some switch off time too. We know that many of you have really valued their support. Staff will want to keep in touch but not necessarily on a weekly basis and without the level of intensity shown over the last 17 weeks.

You still  have my personal commitment to being available for support during the summer break, especially as I remain employed as Headteacher until 31 August. I am happy to be contacted should you need me. I am reliable on both mediums and will always try to commit to getting back to you within 24 hours.

My mobile number is 07757289562  Email address is

A number of our families currently on role in our existing Years 7 - 14 have been out of school since mid March and as a result have been offered a summer reconnection opportunity either through the joint Ravenscliffe/Jampacked cycling offer at Spring Hall, the Ravenscliffe only Swimming and Cycling offer at Skircoat Green or the Ravenscliffe/Jampacked mini bubble offer based at Skircoat Green.

Our priority has been to offer this provision to our long term absent families only. If you have had a school based offer during the summer term please understand that there is no guaranteed capacity for us to offer anything from the list above during the first 4 weeks of the summer break. The school simply cannot offer something to everyone especially as we have nearly 200 students on our books before it rises to 215 in September! The Summer Bubble offer is open to our known and current students only. Many of these summer reconnection sessions are running though the goodwill of our staff. A number of them are not being paid and are doing this in a purely voluntary capacity! I thank them all.  Registration for these summer activities is now complete.

Both of our school buildings will close fully from Friday 14 August for two weeks to ensure a switch off for everyone when our summer activity bubble sessions finish. Staff will of course still be heavily involved in our planning for our Autumnal offer for the WHOLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY during the summer break and the return of all our students on Tuesday 8 September.

This is where Chris Lingard as Headteacher Designate, with the support of the current School Leadership Team of Janet, Jo, Trish, Julie, Gareth and myself, has been planning for the return of our full school community. This is one of the principle reasons Chris wrote to you on Monday.

Obviously I hope to connect with many of you before I officially finish on Monday 31 August. In the meantime I hope you and your loved ones all stay safe and I hope you can enjoy the last few days of the school summer term.  Best wishes to you and your families.

Yours sincerely

Martin Moorman

Martin Moorman


PS – I hope to see many of you in our online assembly at 2.00 pm Friday 10 |July on Ravenscliffe Facebook page. We say goodbye to 9 members of staff with a total of 100 years connection between them. It would be lovely despite the limitation of an online assembly to give them the send off they deserve.