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External Feedback

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Ravenscliffe is constantly looking to improve. Working here every day can mean colleagues become used to the way things are, and opportunities to improve what we offer for the young people in our charge can go un-noticed. It is vital therefore that we hold the views of those who sit outside the School in the highest regard; they often give the greatest insight into what we are doing correctly, and sometimes where we could be doing better.

Naturally, the opinions of our parents and carers are paramount to what we do. We simply couldn't operate without the fantastic support we recieve from the families of our young people. To that effect, we occasionally conduct parent/carer surveys to gauge how well we are doing against our own, and our families, expectations. The results of the 2015 survey are available to download below.

Each year, hundreds of visitors come to Ravenscliffe, in a variety of capacities, and they present the ideal opportunity for further feedback on how well we are doing. Each visitor is asked to complete a short survey before they leave, and a summary of their responses can be seen in PDF format below.

Ravenscliffe also takes part in a program of self-analysis and judgement with a School Improvement Partner (SiP). They are often practicing or recentley retired senior leaders from other Schools who visit on a termly basis and act as a critical friend. The most recent reports, again, can be seen below.