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Grant Makers

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Since we launched our fundraising campaign for the Spring Hall Project in November 2013, we have received incredible support from foundations and charities across the country. To date, funding applications have generated an incredible £475,000. This does not include a new minibus, courtesy of The Lords Taverners taking donations to well in excess of half a million pounds.

We are naturally humbled and grateful for the support of all the Foundations and Charities who share our vision for the future. You can read about specific grants using the links on the right.

Importantly, three Foundations do not wish to receive any publicity following their pledges. These incredible grants are for £50,000, £25,000 and £20,000 respectively, totalling £95,000. We have expressed our sincere thanks privately, and will continue to keep them, and indeed all our grant makers, fully informed of our progress.