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PSHCE at Ravenscliffe is intended to address the personal development of each individual student thus nurturing the growth of personal autonomy. Across the whole curriculum, and particularly in pastoral sessions, elements of PSHCE are included. Citizenship gives contexts in which students can move from a view of their immediate world, towards a wider perspective.
All students participate in a health education programme to encourage greater understanding of themselves and others. This includes finding out about how the body Functions, growth, the effects of food choices, safety, use and misuse of substances, healthy lifestyle, independence skills linked to health and hygiene and sex education.
Sex education is differentiated to take account of individual student needs and includes moral, cultural considerations and the value of family life. Communication between home and school is encouraged. Support from the school nurse and Calderdale Health Education Centre is an invaluable resource.
The school's policy on sex education is available for inspection at the school. Parents are entitled to withdraw students from all or part of sex education, except that which is part of the National Curriculum science requirement.