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Ravenscliffe is a school at the very heart of the local and wider community. We feel that our students gain huge amounts of confidence working with new faces, and actively welcome members of the community through our doors throughout the year. Last year alone, we had over 300 volunteers who kindly offered to give up their time to help us in our work. Without question, all of them left with a profound sense of achievement and with a lasting impression of what Ravenscliffe and it's students are all about.

Not a week goes by without somebody new wanting to experience life at Ravenscliffe. We frequently welcome volunteers, offering to give up one, two or even five days a week on a short or long term basis.  Many have a view to explore a career, or career change, in special education and what better way than to gain some invaluable hands on experience at a leading special school. We also welcome work experience students from across Calderdale, many of whom are considering a future in special education.

Ravenscliffe is also home to award winning gardens and horticulture facilities. This offers a fantastic opportunity for teams of volunteers to make a real difference to the school in taking part in a range of outdoor projects. Not only do they get to work with our students, they can also take pride in further developing a resource that is key in our students education.  Teams from companies such as Lloyds and Covea often come to Ravenscliffe as part of team building exercises, and in doing so make a massive contribution to their local community. Why not have your next "away day" at Ravenscliffe and make a real difference?

If you would like further information about volunteering at Ravenscliffe, please get in touch. We look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future!