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As a generic secondary special school, Ravenscliffe provides education for students aged 11 to 19 years with clearly identified special educational needs. Students are referred to Ravenscliffe by Calderdale Council and it is they who place pupils here. Parents and carers who may be considering Ravenscliffe as a suitable placement for their child should contact Calderdale Children and Young People’s Services first to discuss a possible placement. The Calderdale SEND Admissions Team can be contacted on the following number: 01422 394 141.

A preliminary visit to the school can be made after contacting the Headteacher to arrange a suitable date and time. General ‘open’ visits are scheduled once per half term to minimise disruption to the curriculum and students’ learning.

Transfer from other schools

Each year the majority of our new Y7 students transfer from Calderdale's primary special schools to Ravenscliffe at the end of Year 6. In addition, students may be admitted to Ravenscliffe from a variety of other schools, which include mainstream primary or secondary schools. In such cases, it is anticipated that a representative from Ravenscliffe will have the opportunity to visit the student at school before transfer. Students may also transfer from other schools into the Ravenscliffe@SpringHall Centre at the end of Y11 to benefit from personalised education courses to help them develop independence and social skills. Pupils transferring into Year 7 from the primary special schools are afforded the opportunity to participate in an extended transition programme, including supported visits to the school during the spring and summer term of Year 6. Liaison will take place between the feeder school, Calderdale’s Children and Young People’s Services and Ravenscliffe to ensure that all relevant information has been transferred and the transition experience is positive and successful for students, parents and carers.

Admission arrangements

Prior to a place being offered at Ravenscliffe it is essential that the parents and student visit the school. You will be shown around  and have opportunities to have all your questions answered. When a pupil has been offered a place by the local authority, the parents may be invited to contact the school again to further discuss their child's strengths and individual learning, social, medical and personal needs. At this stage the parents will be informed who the student's Pastoral Teacher and Key Stage Manager will be, if this has not already taken place. In certain circumstances parents and professionals may together decide that a pupil's needs will be best met by a gradual introduction into Ravenscliffe. Flexible arrangements will be negotiated in such a case.

Allocation to year and pastoral group

Students are normally placed in class (year) groups according to chronological age. Due to the demand for places at the school, in exceptional circumstances a student may be placed in a group the year above or below the pupil's chronological age, a situation which will be clearly communicated to parents and the local authority. The student will also be placed in a pastoral group with an assigned teacher taking responsibility and being the first point of contact with the family.