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Friends of Ravenscliffe

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Since 1996, the Friends of Ravenscliffe Association has supported the school by raising its profile within the local and wider community. The Friends organise a range of inclusive and enjoyable activities for all and if funds can be raised to support the school at the same time, all the better.

To date, the Friends have raised in excess of £1,000,000 for the school, which has been put to good use in a variety of school projects. Much of Friends support is in funding extended provisions, resources and activities for students at Ravenscliffe High School. Recently, Friends have committed to supporting the school in it's ambitious Ravenscliffe@SpringHall project.

We are a charity who relies on the generosity, commitment and passion of both our members and friends in the community. Without the help of our wide network of friends, we could not continue to help provide fantastic educational experiences for our young people.

Perhaps you could show your support for our charity, and more importantly, for our students, by attending one of our events held throughout the calendar year? It's always nice to see a new face. You could also spread the word and let other people know of the work we do for our young people? The more people we can reach the greater benefits we can provide for our students.

Every penny really does count. We undertake large scale projects to enrich the lives of our young people, often at a great financial cost. Yet it is often the smaller things that can make a real difference. A small donation can have huge educational benefit for our students.

If you wish to get involved with our work, in any capacity, please contact Jo Hague, Chair of the Friends of Ravenscliffe Association, at the school address.