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COVID-19 Letter 8 - 12.05.20

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Please see the most recent COVID-19 update below.

Coronavirus Letter 8

12 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your family members are well and that despite the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic, you remain optimistic for a better long term future. Day by day, that time gets nearer. Please remember that and let the thought sustain you. We just don’t know yet when it will be.

Thank you once again for your continued support over recent weeks. I can say this with complete conviction. You have ALL remained resolute and determined within the most testing of circumstances. The school staff and Governors are so grateful for the way you have supported us.

Following Sunday’s announcement by Boris Johnson we are awaiting further information from the Government about any possible return to school for our community. We are specifically waiting for Guidance that is applicable to the students and their families, who attend Ravenscliffe.

Guidance documents from the Department for Education have now started to arrive. We anticipate many more. They are lengthy and detailed and one document often seems to contradict another. Many are over 50 pages in length.  Finding a safe way through that mass and maze of information will be challenging for us and will take time.

Our default position, before any new guidance is considered, is that we want to keep Covid 19 out of Ravenscliffe.

It is very important to stress that at this stage, nothing has changed and school remains closed for all students other than those in identified key groups.  We will be working with the Local Authority in considering all new information and will communicate what it means for our school, to you all in due course.  Our default position therefore continues to remain:  home is the safest place to be for the vast majority of our students.

Please be assured that the safety of children, families and staff is our number one priority. 

The school leaders, including Governors, recognise the importance and the seriousness of the decision to any potential re-opening of the school to more students.  At all times we will be guided by Government advice and our overriding focus will be on ensuring that school is a safe place for both staff and students.

It is important for everyone to remember that any plans are contingent on the rates of transmission both nationally and locally and a reminder to all of our community that things may change, but then may quickly change back with very little notice. It is a very delicate and fluid situation.

At this time, Primary schools alone have been put on standby to start to reopen to a small targeted number of year groups from 1 June 2020. Our judgement at Ravenscliffe, in accordance with Government guidance, continues to rely on whether home or school is the safer environment for each pupil on a case by case basis. As the spread of the virus, particularly locally, recedes the conclusion we reach in weighing this judgement may change in some cases provided operationally the school can remain a safe environment.

I ask therefore that you allow us some additional time to undertake the complex and essential work that is now needed and seek to reassure you that we will be clearly communicating with you again, once that work can be shared. I anticipate sharing much more specific  information at some point next week.

Thank you again for all your support and patience at this time.

In the meantime please continue to take care, stay safe and keep doing what you are doing. You have cleared 51 days of a lockdown well. That is an achievement to be seriously proud of.

Best wishes to you all

Martin and the school Leadership Team and Lead Governors at Ravenscliffe

Martin Moorman