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Our Employability Programme, known as Springboard, allows our students to really get a feel for the world of work. Since its launch in 2002, the project has gone from strength to strength and there are now over 40 students working in 36 different workplaces across Calderdale. Most students begin their work placements when they enter the Post 16 Centre in Year 12. However, if it is agreed that younger students are capable of moving into the workplace, they can be "fast tracked" into the programme.
Springboard is often the most eagerly anticipated part of the week with students knowing that they are doing a valued job as a member of staff in a real place of work. All work placements are agreed with the student and are carefully chosen to reflect their interests and aspirations, with just the right balance of independence and support. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate to themselves, their families and their employers that they can be an invaluable part of the workforce.

Employers are, on the whole, impressed and often astounded by the attitude, work ethic and dedication of our students in the workplace.

We have a dedicated and professional team of Job Coaches who support students and liaise with employers on the shop floor. They work closely with the Job Coach Manager and Springboard teaching staff to deliver specific schemes of work which identify appropriate and exciting learning outcomes.

The hard work and commitment shown by our students, over a lengthy period of time, has frequently led to paid employment being offered, either at a weekend  or on a full time basis upon leaving Ravenscliffe.

We see the Springboard Employability Programme as an excellent  educational tool that enables our students to work hard and contribute to their local community. It also holds a vital role in supporting our students emotional wellbeing as well as raising self-esteem and promoting measurable achievement.

If you would like to offer a Work Placement to one of our students and make a real difference, please contact our Job Coach Manager, Thelma Crossley, for more information about how you can get involved.