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Gifted & Talented

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Our students are all unique; and with that comes some astonishing talents. Unlike in many mainstream schools where achievement is measured in grades and exam results, Ravenscliffe adopts a more holistic approach. Naturally, classroom achievements are paramount to what we do, but for many their real passion lies beyond reading and writing.

At Ravenscliffe, being a talented musician, signer or dancer is just as important as excelling in more traditional curriculum activities. Every student is given a stage on which to express themselves often leading to the discovery of some quite unique and incredible talents.

Our Gifted and Talented Programme encourages students to take part, and to express themselves in a way that supports their emotional wellbeing and makes them happy. We are lucky to have a cohort of incredibly talented singers, dancers, signers, and musicians. Students develop tremendous confidence through performing arts, both at school and in the wider community.

When students join us in Year 7, our experienced performing arts team quickly identify any interests and talents and assign students, where appropriate, to one of our Gifted and Talented Crews.

Importantly, all abilities are catered for, disability should never be a barrier, and there is no better example than our Wheelchair Dancing Crew. Weekly sessions see wheelchair users, together with staff and students (Wheelchair User Buddies) to support them, gain great enjoyment through movement and dance. These sessions are often filmed, and hold equal footing at events alongside live performances by their more able peers.

Our crews perform throughout the year, both in school as part of assemblies and in-house performances, and in the local and wider community. They are in particularly high demand around Christmas, often touring around local businesses and organisations to deliver some festive cheer.

Every two years, Ravenscliffe organises a celebratory concert at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. Usually joined by students from Highbury and Woodbank, Calderdale’s primary special schools. 

Our Gifted and Talented programme is one that we are incredibly proud of. It has helped many hundreds of students discover, develop and thrive in their talents. It builds confidence, self-esteem, and these can be tangibly measured against enhanced performance in the classroom.

If you would like more information about our Gifted and Talented programme, please contact School. Our crews, by negotiation, are often available to perform at functions and events if it is deemed appropriate. Our students take great pleasure from performing, and they are often the highlight of any event in which they take part.