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Transition from Ravenscliffe to Post-19 placements is something that we start to explore from Year 12. Looking back through individual students Education Health and Care Plans provides a platform that indicates student and family views, opinions and aspirations for the future. This of course informs the individual student’s curriculum content in terms of timetable and relevant accredited courses to be followed. For example if a student expresses an interest in Catering and Hospitality then a complete package is put together which includes  relevant timetabled lessons, an in–house placement in the school kitchen (working with the schools Catering Manager) and a springboard café placement in the local community.

This pathway is supported by accredited qualifications in Food Hygiene Level 1 and 2. Our Job Coach Manager will explore further opportunities in the work place and our Job Coaches will work within the classroom supporting our weekly work related learning lessons.

Appropriate college placements are explored throughout the year and relevant transition visits are undertaken which include local placements,  both educational and non- educational, as well as possible residential colleges.

There are a large number of Post-19 providers who are offering a wide range of services. These colleges and companies are invited to Post-16 parent’s evenings and the yearly Transition Coffee morning. This has proved to be very successful as students and their families are able to ask relevant questions, take away brochures/leaflet, make individual appointments and attend open days.

Taster visits take place throughout years 12, 13 and 14 through timetabled slots. Students visit colleges further afield depending upon individual choice. Post-19 agencies are encouraged to come into school to work with individual students and students visit placements individually or in very small groups, with support, over a prescribed period of time to support their emotional wellbeing.

Each student leaves school with a portfolio of personal information (Personal Profile) that will support their placements in the future. This includes:

  • Education Health and Care Plan
  • Communication Passport for those students who may struggle to communicate their likes/dislikes and choices conventionally
  • Student Voice folder of work that further outlines aspirations
  • Progress file, summative Record of Achievement
  • Learning styles – how the student prefers to learn
  • Transition Action Plan
  • A leavers DVD of their time in school
  • Accredited Course Certificates

The Personal Profiles are designed to help and assist Post-19 Providers to assess where the students are in their learning. This ensures that progression can be maintained and developed rather than students taking a backwards step whilst their individual learning needs are assessed by college and other providers. Providers will be able to see at a glance the achievements and abilities of the individual.


Please watch this short video and get a look inside our Spring Hall building. We hope you enjoy!