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Our Staff

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Here's a list of the staff in School that you may need to get in touch with. You can use our Contact Form, just mark your message "for the attention of" and we'll make sure to pass it on.

Naturally, not listed here are our incredible team of teaching assistants and other support staff. They work incredibly hard, show true dedication and know how to get the best from the students in their charge.

Leadership Group

Headteacher:                                                          Martin Moorman

Deputy Head (KS3):                                                Janet Neagle

Deputy Head (KS4):                                                Jo Hague

Deputy Head (KS5):                                                Julie Crabtree

School Adminstration Manager:                       Trish Hoyle


School Management Team

KS3 Manager:                                                          Debbie Smith

KS4 Manager:                                                          Ian Ross

KS5 Manager:                                                          Daniel Pardoe

Sensory Manager:                                                  Julia Barnes


Teaching Staff

                                                                                        Year 7

                                                                                     Jess Lough

                                                                                   Tony Simms

                                                                                 Tom Greensides

                                                                                        Year 8

                                                                                    Fran Dickson

                                                                                    Sarah Towler

                                                                                      Alice Frost

                                                                                         Year 9

                                                                                      Julia Barnes

                                                                                      Lester Noel

                                                                                  Matthew Barham

                                                                                       Iona Grubb

                                                                                   Abigail Heavyside

                                                                                         Year 10

                                                                                    Daniel English

                                                                                   Claire Hamilton

                                                                                          Year 11

                                                                                   Angie Gulliford

                                                                                         Ian Ross

                                                                                          Year 12

                                                                                       Amy Slater

                                                                                   Grahame White

                                                                                    Sally Swindell

                                                                                          Year 13

                                                                                    Daniel Pardoe

                                                                                     Janet Ingham

                                                                                  Nicky Moorman

                                                                             Sarah Mcvey-Grimes

                                                                                          Year 14

                                                                                     Joe Greensides

                                                                                         Jo Murray




HLTA's                                                                      Paolo Williams

                                                                                   Janet Greenwood

                                                                                   Julie Martin


Leading Support Staff

KS3                                                                            Julie Martin

KS4                                                                            Lindsay Riley

KS5                                                                            Julie O'Shea

Travel Training                                                      Jason Oldroyd

Work Related Learning                                      Thelma Crossley

Community and Sport                                        Carol O'Neill


Administration and School Support

School Administration Manager                       Trish Hoyle

IT Manager                                                             Gareth Hunter

AV Technicians                                                       Henry Reid

                                                                                   Matt Ginns

Estate Manager                                                     David Blackburn

Caretakers                                                               Tony Phelps

                                                                                    Steve Parker

Catering Manager                                                  Tony Mulgrew

Cafe Supervisor                                                       Wendy Holmes